ECU Remapping…

fudgesmart’s in-house ECU remapping service uses the fantastic sw-exclusive software coupled to sw-exclusive or K&N filters. The filters are made specifically for smart cars by ITG and are fitted and resold by us exclusively for the smart car brand. They offer improved airflow and filtration for remapped cars. The remaps are applied digitally, varying the parameters set on the engine when built, giving safely enhanced performance of the vehicle.

fudgesmart only use sw-exclusive remaps since experiencing the way that they perform back in 2005, giving tried, tested and guaranteed performance.

Isn’t better to utilise the years of knowledge that these professionals have under their belts rather than that unknown name you’ve just found on eBay?

Our MK1 – MK7 (450 Chassis) ECU Tuning can be done using sw-exclusive, each tuner offers something slightly different in their approach to tuning,  recently we’ve become aware that other tuners here in the UK are claiming to offer our software, I would like to assure you that:

  • Our software is virgin ex original developer in Germany
  • Our software is 100% secure and can not be copied wholly by anyone, even us!
  • A line of inbuilt code confirms the origin of our software

Mapping onsite / mobile is available for all 450 chassis smart Fortwo’s and 452 chassis Roadster’s including Brabus derivatives.

Developed in Germany our map files enhance the smart experience, they are constant in their delivery, some maps offer huge low down grunt but little top end enhancement, some quite the opposite, you’ll find that once you’ve experienced the smooth constant delivery that sw-exclusive offers you’ll never look back.

Do you ever need to change from 6th gear to 5th gear whilst cruising at 70mph?:

Customers have experienced increased fuel economy whilst using these maps and allowing the natural torque and turbo boost to work at their full potential, of course it is also possible to use all of the increased power that’s available and decimate your economy too! you’d maintain 70mph on a dual carriageway where before you’d be looking for 5th, that’s extra fuel!!!

From just £99 for ECU tuning we are able to transform your smart car into the car it really wants to be and the car you really wish it was.

What about the air filter?:

Couple that to our K&N Air Filter from just £159 for the tuning and air filter and you’re on to a winner!

What about the TIK?:

Together with fudgesmart we only fit genuine TIK’s, that’s because our opinion is that smart & Brabus spent a fair few pennies developing the standard TIK’s, remember you’ve got the MK1 then the 45Kw then the 60Kw and finally the 74Kw, non scientific tests years ago seemed to suggest the way forward was to fit a 60Kw TIK unless you were upgrading to a Brabus 74Kw Turbo too, we’ve seen too many split and badly fitted silicone TIK’s to even contemplate selling them!

Upgrade to a 60Kw TIK for £109 fitted! 


Upgrade to a 74Kw TIK for £149 fitted!

Why sw-exclusive?
The Remap is quickly applied and applied for life
Software proven in Germany
TUV approved company
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee*
Can be removed & the car made standard again
Increased power
Decreased gear change times
Increased top speed (V-Max removed)
TRUST, TRUST PLUS & ESP Systems Altered

How Much?
From just £99, installed at our workshops in Mildenhall, Suffolk
Because of our mobile service it will almost certainly be possible to visit you to carry out the remap. Please email me for a quotation if you require your remap application at home or work. If you’re not happy I’d be delighted to refund your money and apply a standard map to your car.

For full pricing information please look below

It is my honest opinion that I offer the best all round tuning software for 450 and 452 chassis smart cars, there are so many copies of copied map files on the market today where as the sw-exclusive map files offered by use are genuine, ex German developer files, so confident am I that you’ll be delighted with your new map, I offer a full, no quibble, money back guarantee*, people will have you believe that ‘custom remaps’ are the way forward, if you like being a guinea pig and can wholly trust a rolling road then, may be. some people however decide that a tried, proven and trusted map is the way forward, for them the options are clear. 

The best guage of any remap software is what existing users say about it, have a scroll down to our testimonials

if you need further help, please email me direct at or call 07711 224567

Mobile Key Coding available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from just £48!

Price List…

599cc (Mk1-Mk3) 450 ChassisFortwo

Vmax 90mph 78ps


599cc (Mk5 -Mk6) 450 Chassis Fortwo

Vmax 94mph 82ps


698cc (Mk7) 450 Chassis Fortwo

Vmax 94mph 86ps


698cc (Mk7) 450 Chassis Fortwo

Vmax 99mph 95ps


698cc 450 Chassis Brabus Fortwo

Vmax Delete 105ps


698cc 452 Chassis Roadster Standard Map



698cc 452 Chassis Roadster/Coupe

95ps 145Nm Torque @ 2950rpm


698cc 452 Chassis Roadster/Coupe

109ps 152Nm Torque @ 2900rpm


698cc 452 Chassis Roadster/Coupe

115ps 158Nm Torque @ 2950rpm


698cc 452 Chassis Brabus Roadster

116ps 154Nm Torque @ 2600rpm


K & N Air Filter



60Kw (Std Roadster) TiK



74Kw (Brabus Roadster) TiK



TAN Code (Paddles/Cruise/Pods)



Key Recode



Key Fob & Blank Blade (Coded)



Electronic Clutch Teach



Manual & Electronic Clutch Adjustment



Resolve Clutch Actuator Amnesia



All prices ex workshop, mobile mapping available, just ask!

Remap Testimonials...

Julie With A Brabus Roadster sw116ps said - "That map is amazing and has made my car more economical too, it just wants to go and go!"

Clive with a Fortwo Pure Coupe sw84ps said - "thanks for the rebuild and remap. The car feels completely different after the remap, you put a TAN code on the car for the cruise control and I have just fitted the control arm and it worked faultlessly straight away, keep up the good work and I'll call you when I need the services of fudgesmart"

Ian With A Roadster Notch Back sw109ps Said - "cruise is all working now (dropped out at 70mph before with a competitor's map, may have been overfueling, the car definatley didn't like it) and that map is bloody good"

Anne with a Roadster Coupe sw109ps said - "Your map is bloody lovely. Motored up and down to York today on A1 and some little roads (without Ian to tell me to slow down) and it was so responsive and smooth. I'll blow your trumpet about it anytime."

Paul with a Roadster Coupe SW109ps said - "I just thought I would drop you a note to say a BIG THANK YOU to yourself and Shawn for the work you've done on my roadster. The remap and paddle steering wheel have transformed the car. In particular, the remap has given the car noticably more torque making it much more drivable with great mid range. I was sceptical about the map at first but as you promised, I haven't stopped grinning since I got it done."

Tim with a Brabus Fortwo sw105ps said - "Just wanted to say thanks for the remap. I am delighted with it! If you want to use me as a reference for anyone thinking of going for a remap, I would gladly recommend both you and the software".

Glenn With A Roadster Coupe sw109ps said - "Its now been just over a week and I'm really pleased with the result - feels like a completely different car ! Drives great now, plus smoother through the gear changes and you just don't need to rag it at all as the improved low end torque is fantastic and will have no hesitation in recommending you in the future."

Paul With A 599cc MK1 Fortwo Said - "The hesitation has gone and the car pulls so much better for longer, it's a completely different car!"

Simon with a Roadster Notch sw109 said - "The MAP is excellent, lovin the extra when you drop a gear, Also seem to be getting more MPG"

Brian with a Brabus Fortwo sw105ps said - "The hesitation has gone and the car pulls so smoothly now, it feels like it wants to just keep going." (note: dyno print out available for 102.3bhp from Surrey Rolling Road Centre available for this car/map)

fudgesmart offer a 7 day No Quibble, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee on Remaps! To claim your money back from a Remap, you will need to bring the car to our workshop for removal of the mapping software within 7 days, for a full refund of any monies charged for the remap.** Free with any remap.