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So, fudgesmart ceased being a full-time operation a number of years ago, I’ve brought the business back to being fun, a hobby, unable to see people stranded, unable or rather unwilling to hear people tell me that they’ve spoken to ‘so and so’ and that they need X, Y and also Z replacing when I know that that diagnosis is utter pish… so, we’re here for an alternative, since 2007 that’s what we’ve done, offer an alternative, a cheaper alternative, and as I am well known for admitting, we won’t get everything right all of the time, but be get a bloody high percentage right, 95% of the time, stats that would name Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, SMEG, smart or in fact most company’s eyes water…

Thats me, that’s us, thats what I offer…

A commitment to do what we say we will, roughly when we say that we will for roughly what I say it will cost…

Our headline labour rate is £65/hr

Our ‘normal’ operating hours are Tuesday and Thursday evening, 6pm – 10pm ish and Saturday 9am to 2pm ish

Our travel/collection or delivery rate is £1.75/mile using googlemaps, minimum fee £75 maximum fee, £where are you…? Toll’s also charged for.


What They Tell Us…

I finally got back to the UK for a brief visit in December and got chance to take out our son’s Roadster for the first time since you sorted it out for us. Fantastic job! It was everything I’d hoped for. Jay would have loved it. Next job is preparing to export it to Portugal so we can keep it near (and with some great weather). Thank you so much. All the best, Jim, JC05JAY

Roadster 60kw

“One word…AMAZING!!!..From start to finish the level of service we received was BRILLIANT!!…Helpful! Informative! Honest! and RELIABLE!!..Ticks all the boxes and will defo only be using FudgeSmart from now on…Who needs Mercedes/Smart when you have Mark Bloomfield!?… =) Top Banana!!”


“Hey Fudge, Never before have I experienced someone in your trade that give so much detail, options and flexibility. Many thanks for the extended response that clearly explains all. Esp when it sounds like you are up against for time today. Many thanks for doing it all and on service / communication alone you would get my recommendation so I look forward to driving the result and being able to recommend that too.”

698cc Coupe

“Shaun did a grand job on my old Blue Smarts airbag light while you were away, and the rebuild back in 2010 left me with a great little motor …. so I am fingers crossed for the same magic 🙂 I know these dealership Auto Protect schemes have a poor reputation all over the web … but if anyone can get me something off it’s you Fudge – so I do welcome your input/help in this matter.”

599cc Pulse Cab

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07711 224567




Strictly By Appointment Between 6-10pm Tue & Thur, 9am - 1pm Sat