What’s Involved?

What’s involved?
So, you’ve seen our ‘Why Rebuild?’ page and you’ve decided that, that’s what you need. Feel free to call or email me if you’re unsure. In the mean time, here’s our standard rebuild menu. As with everything fudgesmart offer, if it’s not listed, it’s not a problem!



Smart fortwo 599cc (1998 – 2003)


Smart fortwo 698cc (2003 – 2007)


Smart Roadster 698cc 45kw


Smart Roadster 698cc 60kw


Smart Roadster Coupe 698cc 60kw


Smart Roadster & Coupe 74kw or with side skirts


Gearbox Maintenance Service With Rebuild


Platinum or Irridium Spark Plugs With Rebuild


Collection & Delivery For Engine Rebuild


It is wise to change your exhaust manifold gasket whilst your turbo is removed from the vehicle. We can also change your alternator and air-conditioning belts at the same time if required.

You may also require replacement manifold studs and nuts.
Please note that studs that snap will require extra work, maybe specialist removal and thread
restoration and as such, will incur extra costs.

Other parts that are commonly required include:
Throttle Body Breather Pipes
Cam Chain Oil Sprayers
Cam Chain Guides
Cam Chains
Specialist Stud Removal when snapped – Manifold/Exhaust Studs & Nuts

We would suggest that an engine being rebuilt that has covered more than 80k miles would benefit from a replacement cam chain. Whilst rebuilding the engine we would replace this item for just £145 if however you have a damaged chain guide and or your oil sprayer has been ripped off the block, you’ll need a timing drive kit complete with crank case oil seal at £285

We have available a selection of engines for sale and for sale fully fitted. All of these are on an exchange basis and are fully reliant upon your unit being serviceable. These units are ready to have your ancillaries fitted and be fitted once you’ve applied oil.

Please be aware that there is a £500 surcharge applied to these units which will be refunded once your exchange unit is returned to us and this unit has been inspected for bore and component damage.

*Collection &; Delivery – Limitations may apply – please call for confirmation of availability, collection and delivery for non engine rebuild work is priced per mile using google maps most direct route priced at £2.40 per mile for collection & delivery back, if you live 100 miles from us, the charge is £240 for collection & delivery for engine rebuild works.

Don’t forget to check and understand our ‘terms of business’ before contracting us to work on your car…