Diagnostics are required for in depth diagnosis, the AA man or the RAC man, like your local garage are able to read generic fault codes but for accurate fault diagnosis you need a Diagnostic machine, a typical fault would be the classic 3 lines on the dash, indicative of a gearbox issue, a generic OBD II fault code reader would tell you just that, that there is a gearbox electrical fault, Ours would pin point an issue with, for example your Gear Position Sensor, reducing diagnostic time, reducing the cost to you…

We are able to carry out diagnostic work both at our workshops and mobile at your home or work, schedule allowing.

Please be aware, intermittent faults are the absolute worst, some fault codes are erased by simply turning off the ignition, if we are unable to replicate a fault whilst we have your car you will still be charged diagnostic time spent on your vehicle, in the highly likely event of that fault reoccurring in the following few days/weeks/months the process will start over again, sadly we cannot operate a ‘no fix, no fee’ policy and we, like most professions can only fix an identified fault.

Get a truly informed opinion and estimate, our pricing structure differs from the one below 🙂