The low-down on tuning smarts with remaps
fudgesmart’s in-house ECU remapping service uses the fantastic sw-exclusive ( software coupled to ITG filters. The filters are made specifically for smart cars by ITG and are fitted and resold by us exclusively for the smart car brand. They offer improved airflow and filtration for remapped cars. The remaps are applied digitally, varying the parameters set on the engine when built, giving safely enhanced performance of the vehicle.

fudgesmart only uses sw-exclusive remaps since experiencing the way that they perform back in 2005, giving tried, tested and guaranteed performance.

Isn’t better to utilise the years of knowledge that these professionals have under their belts rather than that unknown name you’ve just found on eBay?

Why sw-exclusive?
The Remap is quickly applied and applied for life
Software proven in Germany
TUV approved company
Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee*
Can be removed & the car made standard again
Increased power
Decreased gear change times
Increased top speed (V-Max removed)
TRUST, TRUST PLUS & ESP Systems Altered

How Much?
From just £149, installed at our workshops on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border.
Because of our mobile service it will almost certainly be possible to visit you to carry out the remap. Please email me for a quotation if you require your remap application at home or work. If you’re not happy I’d be delighted to refund your money and apply a standard map to your car.

For full pricing information please look at

I’d even go as far to say that if you didn’t come back from a test drive smiling, the map would be free!*

For more information please contact us or visit

* fudgesmart offer a 7 day No Quibble, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee on Remaps!
To claim your money back from a Remap, you will need to bring the car to our workshop for removal of the mapping software within 7 days, for a full refund of any monies charged for the remap.

Be sure to understand our ‘terms of business’ before contracting us to work on your car…

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